ABOUT PTP:  Located on the Eastside of one of the largest cities in the USA, Atlanta, Georgia - Perfect Time Partnership has been fortuned the opportunity to serve: Growing and established Professionals, Small Businesses, and Non-Profit organizations through Coaching, Training, and Consultation. PTP has become a Community Partner, that helps others achieve their dreams and endeavors, whether business related or personal. 

OUR VISION:  We passionately strive to be the best at positioning professionals to not only fulfill their goals, but to be robust, strategic, and proactive leaders.

THE PTP MISSION:  We Coach. We Train. We Consult. Period.

PTP OVERVIEW:  Tabitha L. Brogdon, along with her team, brings enthusiastic and strategic hands-on experiences to the table. Tabitha has held / currently holds the positions of: Minister * Executive Department Head * Regional Human Resources Business Partner * Local & International Organization Development Manager * Training Manager * Workshop Facilitator * Conference Speaker * CEO and Founder of Perfect Time Partnership. Operating for well over 10 years, PTP officially launched in 2015 in the State of Georgia.

PTP continues to increase its footprint by supporting Individual Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Organizations of Faith, and Non-Profits. PTP adds a unique “Firm Feel” serving as a Collaborative HUB. We provide in-house services from a diverse sector of organizations that support the development and sustainability of growing professionals and businesses.


About PTP

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"You Don't Have to Do It Alone – PERIOD."

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